Tag: Tortoise


  • The Story So Far: Session 3

    The party, having chartered the Fortune's Wind (see: [[sinking of the Fortune's Tide | sinking of the Fortune's Tide]]) to go to Mantis lands, must first go to Phoenix lands where the Fortune's Wind has business. [[:asako-mamoru | Asako Mamoru]] …

  • sinking of the Fortune's Tide

    In 1121 the Fortune's Tide, a Tortoise trading vessel captained by Kasuga Hwe, sank off of the Crane coast. The exact cause was never determined and only five people survived the sinking. [[:asako-mamoru | Asako Mamoru]] returned to Phoenix lands to …

  • Otosan Uchi

    see [[Deviations from canon | Deviations from canon]] Home of the Scratchy Kimono pub and [[:fuzake-jim | Fuzake Jim]], local Go champion.