Fumoki's Treasure

The Story So Far: Session 1

Session 1:
The topaz tournament
Characters: Tamori Jiyu, mantis

The tournament goes wrong when a ronin tries to cause the Crane to be dishonored by failing to stop murders at the tournament. Events come to a head during the hunting trial where Jiyu, mantis, and Hiruma Do, a Crab samurai, fight the ronin and his two bandit henchmen. The ronin and bandits are defeated but not before Do is killed.

Later, Hiruma Mai, Do’s aunt, brings Do’s ashes to the pair and asks that they take his ashes on the adventure that Yasuki Jo, Do’s cousin, had planned to help bring Do out of the melancholy induced by his gempukku (going into the Shadowlands and killing a creature). She gives them three things from Do’s personal effects, a wooden tortoise token, a piece of a map, and a letter from Yasuki Jo to Do.

The characters agree to go on the adventure.

The Story So Far: Session 2
Otosan Uchi and chartering a ship

Relevant NPCs:

Fuzake Jim
Hiruma Mai
Kasuga Hwe
Yorimoto Min Jan

The Story So Far: Session 3
turnips + gaijin pepper = grenades?

The party, having chartered the Fortune’s Wind (see: sinking of the Fortune’s Tide) to go to Mantis lands, must first go to Phoenix lands where the Fortune’s Wind has business.

Asako Mamoru receives a vision from his ancestor, the kami Shiba, which motivates him to join the Fortune’s Wind on its sail to Mantis lands. Shiba also guides him to liberate Matsu Tuchi from his imprisonment as a hostage.

While on the several week journey down the Crane coast, Yorimoto Sakeichi discovers that the Fortune’s Wind is smuggling gaijin pepper. When the ship stops and everyone is ordered to stay in their cabins, Matsu convinces Sakeichi (despite Mamoru’s best attempts to diffuse the situation) that they should sneak into the hold to confirm the cargo. When backed into a corner, Sakeichi sets a fuse and they blow up the entire cargo and ship with it.

The Story So Far: Session 4

One year after the sinking of the Fortune’s Tide and [[The Story So Far: Session 3 | The Story So Far: Session 3]], Tamori Takai and Togashi Jiyu are sent to court at Shiro Shiba.

When Asako Mamoru discovers information about The Emperor’s Gift he is given leave to travel to Kyuden Asako to pursue it further. Jiyu acompanies him and Takai stays behind to await official word of his and Jiyu’s release from their duties at court.

On the way to Kyuden Asako they come across a village plagued by a ghost. Jiyu encounters the ghost and eventually the party, including a new member, Toku Goku, follows some cultists into the woods and, after defeating them, discovered a trail to the lair of the Maho cultists.

In the cave a huge bonfire burns and cultists constantly pray, binding the ghost to their will. The leader attacks and, using powerful Maho spells, nearly defeats the party.

After taking him out, Jiyu heads to Kyuden Asako to report the cultists to Lord Asako.

Mamoru and Goku stay behind to help the spirit of the young girl move on.

The Story So Far: Session 5

The party is tasked with escorting Isawa Tanawat, an elderly shugenja who only has one leg, to Pale Oak Castle for one of the annual cuttings from the pale oak and then to Twin Souls Temple where he will be the new sensei in training of shugenja. Before arriving at the castle they run into Shosuro Harudori who has seen a Lion army setting up siege on the castle.

Jiyu and Tanawat decide to get into the castle by magical means, while Takai and Harudori approach by the road. When a Lion guardsman challenges Takai to a duel and dies, Takai is put into a holding tent with several others including Doji Jae Un and her yojimbo Kakita Yeong (who Takai loses a duel to later).

Harudori manages to get in good with a lion guardsman and is invited to dinner. She overhears the Lion plans that they will take the castle by force before the festival. She sneaks into the castle and warns the Phoenix. Jiyu issues a challenge to General Matsu Yeon Ji to single combat. He shames Yeon Ji who commits seppuku.

After delivering Tanawat to Twin Souls Temple, Harudori, Takai, and Jiyu are granted a single spell stored within them to be released at a keyword.

Winter Court: Session 1
  • Officially recognized that Karasu clan owns the Deathless, Orochi’s Little Snack, and its inhabitants. Phoenix dangled idea of trading their assistance with getting the treasure though they did not say what they wanted specifically. Crab want Deathless as cultural treasure. Mantis want it all.

*Togashi Maena, a tattooed monk delivered a message from Togashi Jiyu the implications of which are not clear.

*Karasu Ameyo arrived as well as Iuchi Tae and Ameyo’s Kitsuki betrothed.

*Koto payed for an elaborate kimono gift to Doji Kuchihige

*You have agreed to bring Ikoma Uta into the clan, said maybe to a rude Moto who offers a lot of money but is rude, and said maybe to Shiba Min pending a show of her skills.


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