Isawa Tanawat

powerful shugenja and sensei at Twin Souls Temple


Lost Love


Isawa Tanawat and his identical twin brother King were renowned for their strong bond as shugenja and yojimbo. While traveling in Lion lands, the pair were attacked and King lost his life defending his brother despite Tanawat’s most urgent prayers to the kami to heal his brother. Tanawat also lost a leg in the skirmish.

After the death of his brother Tanawat fell into a deep depression, but after three years of mourning, felt obligated to continue serving his Lord by becoming a sensei at Twin Souls Temple, the training dojo for new shugenja-yojimbo pairs.

The idea of being at Twin Souls Temple, teaching young shugenja to trust and coordinate with their yojimbo without the help of his brother, sent him into a spiral which threatened his life. No healer could figure out what was wrong with him, so he was granted a cutting from the oak at Pale Oak Castle.

Through the healing power of the cutting, Tanawat’s mood and health were lifted and, impressed with the intelligence and honor of his escorts, he prayed to the kami to grant each of them aid in their hour of need. (Mechanically, Jiyu, Takai, and Harudori have a spell that they can use only once that is triggered by a keyword).

Isawa Tanawat

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