Fumoki's Treasure

Winter Court: Session 1

  • Officially recognized that Karasu clan owns the Deathless, Orochi’s Little Snack, and its inhabitants. Phoenix dangled idea of trading their assistance with getting the treasure though they did not say what they wanted specifically. Crab want Deathless as cultural treasure. Mantis want it all.

*Togashi Maena, a tattooed monk delivered a message from Togashi Jiyu the implications of which are not clear.

*Karasu Ameyo arrived as well as Iuchi Tae and Ameyo’s Kitsuki betrothed.

*Koto payed for an elaborate kimono gift to Doji Kuchihige

*You have agreed to bring Ikoma Uta into the clan, said maybe to a rude Moto who offers a lot of money but is rude, and said maybe to Shiba Min pending a show of her skills.


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