Fumoki's Treasure

The Story So Far: Session 4

One year after the sinking of the Fortune’s Tide and [[The Story So Far: Session 3 | The Story So Far: Session 3]], Tamori Takai and Togashi Jiyu are sent to court at Shiro Shiba.

When Asako Mamoru discovers information about The Emperor’s Gift he is given leave to travel to Kyuden Asako to pursue it further. Jiyu acompanies him and Takai stays behind to await official word of his and Jiyu’s release from their duties at court.

On the way to Kyuden Asako they come across a village plagued by a ghost. Jiyu encounters the ghost and eventually the party, including a new member, Toku Goku, follows some cultists into the woods and, after defeating them, discovered a trail to the lair of the Maho cultists.

In the cave a huge bonfire burns and cultists constantly pray, binding the ghost to their will. The leader attacks and, using powerful Maho spells, nearly defeats the party.

After taking him out, Jiyu heads to Kyuden Asako to report the cultists to Lord Asako.

Mamoru and Goku stay behind to help the spirit of the young girl move on.


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